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Read Her Face: Signs You're Getting a Divorce


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Unless you want to file for a contested divorce, learn how to read her face and know what she’s thinking!

These tips will help you unriddle the messages being communicated physically, rather than taking her words at face value. Taking a cue from ancient face readers like Socrates, you too can become a facial decoder like the pros on "Lie to Me."

Learning how to read your spouse's face may do more than just tip you off when there are problems in the marriage. You may even be able identify the specific problems that could lead to divorce.

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Read Her Face

You're Getting a Divorce!

Knowing how to read faces leads to good communication, and good communication can lead to a healthy marriage.

Before You Start a Relationship, Read Her Face Shape

Physiognomy, a study of predicting character based on outward appearances, such as the face, was popular during Socrates' time. Certain face shapes have long been associated with certain characteristics.


The oblong face is known as the metal shape. They are logical, methodical, hard working, strong willed, narcissistic.


The round face is known as the water shape. They are emotional, sensitive, caring, very sexual, stable relationships.


The square face is known as the earth shape. They are intelligent, analytical, decisive, aggressive, dominating.


The triangle face is known as the fire shape. They are extroverts, boisterous, confident, fiery temper.

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle face is known as the wood shape. They are introverts, philosophical, deep thinkers, lazy.

Once You are in a Relationship: Read Her Cues

Furrowed Brow

A furrowed brow is caused by deep concentration as well as anger. If her brow is tightly wrinkled she is likely formulating her side of the argument.

Reddened Face

Feelings of anger are often accompanied by increased heart rate. Heart rate is not consciously controllable, and causes a reddening of the face.

Relaxed Stare

If she seems relaxed but stares you down with wide eyes you have likely disappointed her. These eyes also show up when she is very sad. She may be ready to end the relationship.

Clenched Jaw

A clenched jaw means she is especially angry. Clenching her jaw is all she can do to keep from becoming violent with you.

Pursed Lips

Pursed lips means she is frustrated. She is made but does not want to argue. Let's just leave it at that.

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