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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Alternative dispute resolution has become very popular in recent years as the delay and expense associated with trial has encouraged divorce lawyers and litigants to seek alternatives to divorce court.

In alternative dispute resolution, parties typically engage the services of a neutral third party to help them resolve a divorce settlement without litigation.

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Advantages of Dispute Resolution Over Divorce

There are a number of advantages to alternative dispute resolution. It typically costs less, can be resolved more quickly and is usually less hostile than litigation.

By choosing a method of alternative dispute resolution, you may eliminate stress and hardship on all parties involved.

Alternative dispute resolution is also private. Your divorce isn't a matter of public record and not accessible to strangers.

As a result of these benefits, alternative dispute resolution is becoming extremely popular in divorce law and may be well worth considering if you have a decent level of trust with your spouse.

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Learn about Alternative Dispute Resolution with a Divorce Lawyer

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