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Arizona Alimony

The Arizona divorce court may choose to award alimony, which may also be referred to as spousal support or maintenance. One way the Arizona divorce courts may award alimony is through a separation agreement the couple makes when filing divorce.

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A separation agreement can include issues about Arizona property division, maintenance, Arizona child custody, parenting matters and other issues. The Arizona divorce court will approve the separation agreement if it's reasonable and fair.

Under state divorce laws, the divorce court can award alimony to either spouse if the person seeking maintenance:

  • Lacks sufficient property to provide for reasonable needs
  • Is unable to be self-sufficient through employment or is unable to seek employment outside of the home because he or she is the custodial parent of child who needs constant care
  • Contributed to the education of the other spouse
  • Had a marriage that lasted long enough and is of the age when it may be less probable to gain adequate employment

When the Arizona divorce court is awarding alimony, it will consider:

  • Standard of living established during the marriage
  • Length of the marriage
  • Age, employment history, earning ability and physical and emotional health of the spouse seeking maintenance
  • Ability of the spouse from whom the maintenance is sought to provide for the needs of the spouse seeking maintenance
  • Financial resources of each spouse
  • Ability of both spouses to contribute to the educational needs of their children
  • Other relevant factors

It is possible to modify Arizona maintenance orders if there is a substantial and continuing change of circumstances. A local Arizona divorce lawyer can explain to you how your divorce situation will affect the amount of alimony you may expect to pay or receive.

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The above synopsis of Arizona divorce laws is by no means all-inclusive and has been adapted from applicable state laws. These laws may have changed since our last update and there may be additional laws that apply in your situation. For the latest information on these divorce laws, please contact a local Arizona divorce lawyer in your area.

Arizona divorce laws were last updated May 2009.

Note: Keep in mind that all divorce laws are complex. If you need legal divorce advice or want to fully understand how these laws affect you, please speak with a local divorce attorney.