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Colorado Child Support Enforcement

Child support enforcement helps ensure children are getting the financial support they need while growing up. There are a number of ways to to collect unpaid child support in Colorado. Parents who fail to pay child support may face penalties, such as:

  • Credit Bureau Reporting - Colorado Child Support Enforcement continues to refer unpaid child support cases to major credit reporting agencies as long as payments are due.
  • Income Related Enforcement - The Colorado Child Support Enforcement agency garnishes wages to collect in unpaid child support cases.
    • Income Assignments Against Employment Wages
    • New Hire Reporting
    • Unemployment Compensation Benefits
    • Worker's Compensation Benefits
  • Intercepts - Colorado Child Support Enforcement is allowed to seize payouts to collect in unpaid child support cases and takes priority over other state agency collections.
    • Colorado State Revenue Tax Offset
    • Federal Tax Offset
    • Federal Administrative Payment Offset
    • Financial Institution Data Match
    • Gambling Payment Intercept
    • Lottery Winnings Intercept
    • State Vendor Offset
    • Unclaimed Property Offsets
  • Judicial Actions - The Child Support Enforcement in Colorado has the right to issue legal orders against unpaid child support cases.
    • Contempt
    • Federal Prosecution
    • Garnishment
      • Continuing Writ of Garnishment
      • Writ of Garnishment with Notice of Exemption and Pending Levy
    • Judgments
    • Liens - Real and Personal Property
    • Rule 69
  • Suspensions and Denials - Colorado Child Support Enforcement has the right to suspend licenses and deny issuing legal documents in unpaid child support cases.
    • Driver's License Suspension
    • Passport Denial
    • Professional Occupational License Suspension
    • Recreational License Suspension

Colorado divorce laws outline how the divorce court determines Colorado child support. Speak with a local Colorado divorce lawyer to find out how much child support you can expect to receive from your spouse. A Colorado divorce attorney can work with you to modify child support if you feel your payments are too much. Connect with a local Colorado divorce lawyer by calling 877-349-1310 or filling out a Colorado divorce case review. Protect your child's financial future, as well as your own by getting help from a legal professional today.

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Colorado divorce laws were last updated April 2009.

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