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State Divorce Laws

Divorce laws in each state outline different requirements, including grounds for divorce, divorce waiting and remarriage periods and residency requirements, for those looking to file for divorce in the state. Divorce laws also determine guidelines for deciding child and spousal support, child custody and property division.

Find out more about the divorce process and requirements in your state by selecting your state below. A local divorce lawyer can further explain how these laws may affect your divorce. Contact a divorce lawyer near you to schedule a preliminary consultation and learn more about state requirements and divorce laws.

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State Requirements in the Divorce Process


If you've made the decision to seek a divorce from your spouse, you're probably eager to have it over and done. But getting a divorce isn't as simple as going down to the courthouse and signing a few forms. In fact, most states have required waiting periods that mean you may not be legally divorced for months or even years after you and your spouse separate.

The court process will depend not only on state laws, but also what you and your spouse can agree on outside of court. With so much at stake, many people find that hiring an attorney helps them make sense of the process.

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Note: Laws may have changed since our last update. For the latest information on state divorce laws, speak to a local divorce lawyer.