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Indiana Alimony

Divorce laws in Indiana allow spouses to negotiate alimony.

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If the couple isn't able to come to an agreement, the divorce court will order alimony on a case-by-case basis depending on the following:

  • A spouse is considered physically or mentally incapacitated to the extent that he or she is unable to support himself or herself. Indiana divorce courts may order alimony for the length of time the spouse is incapacitated.
  • One spouse lacks sufficient property to provide for his or her needs, including any from the Indiana property division.
  • A spouse was awarded Indiana child custody of a child who is physically or mentally incapacitated to the point that the spouse must forgo employment.

The Indiana divorce court may also award alimony after considering:

  • Educational level of each spouse at the time of marriage and divorce
  • Whether an interruption in education, training or employment of the seeking spouse occurred during the marriage for homemaking or child care responsibilities
  • Earning capacity of each spouse
  • Time and expenses needed to acquire sufficient education or training for the seeking spouse to find appropriate employment - rehabilitative maintenance will not exceed three years

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The above synopsis of Indiana divorce laws is by no means all-inclusive and has been adapted from applicable state laws. These laws may have changed since our last update and there may be additional laws that apply in your situation. For the latest information on these divorce laws, please contact a local Indiana divorce lawyer in your area.

Indiana divorce laws were last updated October 2009.

Note: Keep in mind that all divorce laws are complex. If you need legal divorce advice or want to fully understand how these laws affect you, please speak with a local divorce attorney.