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Maryland Annulment

Depending on the circumstances of the marriage, some couples may be able to have an annulment of the marriage instead of a divorce. In a Maryland annulment, the divorce courts declare that the marriage never existed because it's invalid. State specific laws help determine if a marriage can be void or voidable. A void marriage is one that is always invalid, such as:

  • One spouse was legally incapacitated to agree to the marriage - typically by a mental disease
  • The couple is related to a certain degree
  • One spouse was legally marriage to someone else at the time of the marriage

A voidable marriage is one that is valid until the validity of the marriage is challenged and declared invalid by the court, such as:

  • One spouse was under age
  • The marriage was performed by someone without legal authority to perform it
  • The marriage occurred under fraud, duress or coercion
  • One spouse was impotent at the time of the marriage

An annulment is typically a rare option because there are strict requirement to meet. Maryland divorce law has few statutes governing annulments. One specific law is that a marriage to a relative withing a certain degree is prohibited by law and will be automatically declared void. Speak to a local Maryland divorce lawyer to learn more about Maryland divorce law and annulment. Find out if the circumstances surrounding your marriage and divorce qualify for an annulment by finding a Maryland divorce lawyer near you. Call 877-349-1310 or fill out a Maryland divorce case review to get started today.

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The above synopsis of Maryland divorce laws is by no means all-inclusive and has been adapted from applicable state laws. These laws may have changed since our last update and there may be additional laws that apply in your situation. For the latest information on these divorce laws, please contact a local Maryland divorce lawyer in your area.

Maryland divorce laws were last updated April 2009.

Note: Keep in mind that all divorce laws are complex. If you need legal divorce advice or want to fully understand how these laws affect you, please speak with a local divorce attorney.